Goldfilter Coffee for One

The goldfilter system was developed as a permanent alternative to the paper filter to get the best tasting coffee. The 23 carat gold plating is chemically neutral which eliminates every influence to taste.This results in an absolutely pure beverage. The genuine original flavour and aroma of coffee is fully preserved. 

The coffee for one comes with 3 components; 23 karat gold plated filter, water regulator and lid. 

To use set the filter onto a cup or mug and add medium ground coffee. Place water regulator inside the filter; pour hot water into the regulator and cover with lid. The brewing is finished when the regulator is empty; about 2 minutes. 

After use, empty out the coffee grounds and rinse all components under hot water. 

The gold foil used in the production of these filters is scientifically engineered and is amazingly sturdy to provide years of service. Considered the gold standard for brewing coffee, 23 karat gold-plated foil allows the full flavor to pass through, while holding back undesirable sediment. Reusable time and time again, 23 karat gold filters are a green alternative to paper and plastic filters. They put an end to the waste of paper filters.

Easy to clean, upper rack dishwasher safe and BPA free. 


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