Fairtrade Peru Organic

For those who enjoy ripe berry sweetness, this Organic Peru will delight with its dark juicy berry notes, hints of cherry and cocoa and a black currant finish. 

A lot has changed in the production of coffee in Peru since it was first introduced in the 1700's. Whilst the majority of farms are still family run small holdings of two or three hectares,  the introduction of local co-operatives in the last 10 years means farmers have been able to consolidate their movement and now instead of hiking up to 8 hours by foot or by mule, they are able to sell and process their beans locally and avoid being subjected to exploitative trading practices. 

Our Fairtrade Organic Peru comes from one of these co-operatives the Cooperativa Agraia de Productores Ecologicos San Ignacio (APESI). Established in 2012 it has 347 members based in the San Ignacio provence of Cajamarca. The Women of APESI are proud to produce coffee for the Cafe Femenino Program which has a huge impact on the daily lives of women by providing funding and support to create greater gender equality in families and communities. By linking with Fairtrade and Organic certification the Peruvian co-operatives have stimulated growth in their industry and are now the second largest supplier of Fairtrade certified coffee after Mexico. 


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