Bruer Cold Drip

The gentle extraction process of cold drip coffee allows the full flavour of the coffee to come through without the acidity. 

Over three to seven hours, ambient water drips through ground coffee to uncover the hidden secrets of the bean. Particularly suiting the single origin coffee beans, cold drip extractions are rich and complex and will keep for up to 2 weeks in the fridge. 

Cold Bruer uses widely available Aeropress sized filters for water dispersement on top of the bed of coffee.

The valve is the heart of the design, and consists of two parts. The plug is made from food grade silicone and separates the water chamber from the coffee chamber in the tower.  The adjustment knob allows for infinite adjustment of the drip rate.

The filter sits at the bottom of the tower and allows the brewed coffee to drip through. It consists of a food grade silicone ring and a 304 stainless steel filter.  This part can be easily removed allowing for easy cleaning of the tower.

The Bruer pot and tower are made of borosilicate glass.  The lower pot functions both as part of the brewing process and as storage vessel for the coffee after the brewing is finished.


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