Finding the perfect Coffee Grind at home.

Finding the perfect coffee grind.

Having freshly ground coffee for your daily cup has become even easier to do consistently at home with the Hario and Porlex ceramic burr hand grinders. But how do you know how fine or course a grind you need for your brewing method? 

The stovetop needs to build up pressure from the steam to force the water through the coffee. If your grind is too fine,  you can over extract or burn the coffee, causing it to taste bitter. If your grind is too course and you will end up with a weak and watery cup.
Look for a medium grind with a texture like white sugar. From here you can adjust it to suit your taste. 

Plunger /French Press
Needs a courser grind of coffee as the beans are immersed in the water over time to extract the coffee oils. Tend towards a grind that has a feel like raw sugar. 

EspressoEspresso machines need a fine grind to extract the best from the coffee. An electric burr grinder is recommended for its consistency. The grind should have the feel of brown sugar and hold in the group head when tamped and then turned upside down. 

Filter / AeroPress
Should be a medium grind similar to the stovetop. 

Fine and Course ground coffee